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StarBoard Interactive LCD Displays

F Series whiteboards are available with serial or USB wireless computer interfaces.

The StarBoard Interactive LCD Displays offer the functionality of our large-format electronic whiteboard in a convenient interactive LCD panel. Connected to your PC and a projector, the Interactive LCD Display lets you run and annotate any computer software application without loosing eye contact with your audience. The panel image, which remains clearly visible even in darkened environments, can be projected up to any size which renders it ideal for lecture halls or large auditoriums.

Hitachi Interactive LCD Display features a thin screen that eliminates glare and parallax error, assuring effortless, accurate operation. Electromagnetic interactive technology delivers fast, responsive precision tracking. A wireless programmable grip stylus supports complete mouse emulation, with left and right clicks and single-click transitions between standard PC operations (mouse mode) and screen annotation (pen mode). The complete StarBoard software suite is included.

Hitachi StarBoard T-15XL Interactive LCD Display
Hitachi StarBoard F-60 Interactive Whiteboard (47.9" x 35.9")
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: 3 year parts and labor warranty.
  1 year warranty on stylus and serial cable.

Supplies and accessories for this product
Product Description Price Order
ST15CASE Star board T-15XL Soft Carrying Case

ST15STND Star board T-15XL Replacement Stand

ST15PEN1 Star board T-15XL / T-17XL Spare Pen $85

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The StarBoard F-60 uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen type devices near its surface. The Next Level of Display
The StarBoard T-15XL is the latest interactive system from Hitachi for annotating presentations and running computer based applications in meetings, classrooms, videoconferences, trade shows and symposiums. The StarBoard T-15XL is a pen-driven 15" TFT display that allows users to operate or annotate any software application running on a connected computer. The annotated images can be viewed on other displays connected to the computer including LCD projected images. Similarly the display can be viewed on any other StarBoard interactive display either in the same location, or connected through a LAN or WAN connection.
F Series Whiteboards use a durable surface material that is suitable for both electronic sensing-based writing and dry-erase writing. StarBoard Software Brings New Life to Presentations
The appeal of the StarBoard T-15XL is enhanced by the intuitive, easy-to-master StarBoard Software that allows anyone to be proficient in a matter of minutes. The pen-driven, icon oriented user interface allows users to move from running applications to annotating them with a single click operation.
StarBoard Software Brings New Life to Presentations The Latest Generation in Interactive Presentation Products
The StarBoard T-15XL provides a very attractive user paradigm. Presenters face their audiences or classrooms when using the display device with the image projected onto any size screen depending on the format of the meeting room or classroom. Unlike interactive whiteboards, the presenter is not blocking the audience's view as they annotate images or run applications, and presenters do not need to stare into glaring LCD projectors or turn their backs to their audiences to markup and bring color and life to their material. The bright 15" display with XGA resolution provides a very clear image on which to work and provides pinpoint accuracy in running applications and adding comments and annotations to presentations.
  • Software to allow conferencing among up to 42 sites or persons
  • Six different types of electronic inks including solid inks, transparent highlighter inks, 3D roller inks, psychedelic-filled inks, shadowed inks and painting patterned inks
  • Comprehensive clip art library
  • Character recognition software to run applications with freehand writing
  • Three different pen types-Normal drawing pens, Intelli-pen for geometric object recognition that converts freehand geometric objects, such as circles and triangles, to smooth drafting quality geometric objects, and a Laser Pen that creates temporary annotations
  • Object management functions to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste objects
  • Multiple, simultaneous StarBoard sessions
  • Thumbnail review capability to quickly scan through files of active and marked up presentations
  • Live video annotation, and capture
  • A spotlight tool which hones in on a specific area of the display
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Display Characteristics:

Driver type

Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (TFT)

Effective screen size

15" Diagonal - 304.1mm (W) x 228.1mm (H)


1024 x 768 (XGA)

Pixel Pitch

0.297mm x 0.297 mm

Standard Colors

262,144 colors (6bits)


250 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angles

Right 60°, left 60°, up 40°, down 60°

Digitizer Characteristics:

Input system

Electromagnetic induction


Stylus pen (Uses one AAA alkaline dry cell; battery life: approximately 1800 hours)

Coordinate resolution

0.05 mm

Reading accuracy

± 0.5 mm

Tracking speed

Approximately 125 points per second


USB interface (USB1.1)



Dsub 15-pin (analogue RGB), Stereo mini jack (stereo audio)


Stereo mini jack (stereo audio)

Speaker Output: Stereo (1 W+1 W build-in amplifier)

Environmental Conditions:


During use: +5 -+35°C in storage: -20 -+60°C


During use: 30 - 80% (no condensation); in storage: 20 - 85% (no condensation)

Power consumption / power supply:

30W or less (3W or less in power saving mode) / AC adaptor Input (AC 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz, 1A)
Output (DC12V, 2.5A)

External dimensions:

345mm (W) x 295mm (H) x 41.2mm (D)


8 lbs

Stand adjustment:

Adjustable in the range of 20° to 75°

Sytem Requirements:


Pentium2 300MHz or higher


128MB or higher

Graphic Color

High Color (16Bit or more)

Hard disk

100MB or more available space

USB Port

At least one

Operating System

Windows98/Me/2000/XP, NT4

Other Software

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is recommended), IME 2000/2002, PowerPoint 97-2003, DirectX8.1 (for Windows98/Me/2000), Media Player 6.4 (for Windows NT4.0)

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Hitachi StarBoard T-15XL Interactive LCD Display

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