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StarBoard P Series Interactive Plasma Displays

StarBoard P Series Interactive Plasma Displays

When how you look is as important as what you present, the StarBoard P-Series Interactive Plasma Displays offer a clear advantage. Their showpiece design and spectacular image quality are equally at home in boardrooms, client meeting facilities, and on-air broadcasting. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, a generous 50" / 55" diagonal display area, and a beautifully engineered sensing unit that fits almost unnoticeably over the bezel, the plasma display is unobstructed, unfiltered and unmatched. The StarBoard interactive plasma display device provides presenters and educators with new levels of responsiveness, flexibility and space optimization using plasma technologies. The complete StarBoard Software suite is included.

Hitachi StarBoard P-55X Interactive Plasma Display
Hitachi Starboard P-55X interactive plasma overlay flat panel display
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: 3 year parts and labor warranty.
  1 year warranty on stylus and serial cable.


Supplies and accessories for this product
Product Description Price Order
P50XSBDG StarBoard P-50X Digitizer with StarBoard Software

P50XSBST StarBoard P-50X Floorstand with Casters

P50XAPST P-50X ATA Case $1,695

P50XAFST P-50X Pedastal Stand $175

P50XADWB P-50X Drawer Type Wall Bracket $795

P50XAAMB P-50X Angled Wall Mount Bracket $575

P50XAFMB P-50X Flush Mount Wall Bracket $550

P50XASPK Speakers for 50" Display $725

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The StarBoard F-60 uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen type devices near its surface. The Next Level of Plasma Technology
P55X consists of a sleek bezel frame with integrated sensors and fits tightly over the new 55HDM71 Hitachi 55" display monitor. StarBoard interactive plasma panels are ideal for boardroom and customer meeting rooms; training, conference rooms, distance learning and videoconference settings. They bring unmatched performance of Hitachi plasma to any professional environment. These monitors feature a sleek design, large viewing area and exceptional picture quality for business applications. A wide variety of options allows optimum system integration capability.
F Series Whiteboards use a durable surface material that is suitable for both electronic sensing-based writing and dry-erase writing. StarBoard Software Brings New Life to Presentations
The intuitive, easy-to-master StarBoard Software is common to all StarBoard systems. The simple icon based user interface provides access to all functions through cascading menus from a single "StarBoard" button.
StarBoard Software Brings New Life to Presentations Razor Sharp Clarity. Absolute Brilliance
StarBoard P-Series Interactive Plasma Displays offer a clear advantage. With a generous 55" diagonal display area and a beautifully engineered sensing unit that fits almost unnoticeably over the display bezel, with no screen overlay - yielding a plasma display that is unobstructed, unfiltered and unmatched. This high definition device, with its 16:9 aspect ratio display, will fit any environment. It is less than four inches thin and surprisingly lightweight, allowing versatile and space-efficient installation. A wide variety of options allows optimum system integration capability. The StarBoard P-55X is reliable high-resolution performance solution to display your sharp, highly detailed and colorful presentations with impact. The P-series interactive plasma displays are typically used in high quality presentation environments and may also be used with LCD projectors to display the image on a large screen. The StarBoard P-55X and the StarBoard Software enable presenters to run and annotate computer applications or digital video right on the plasma screen using a supplied pen or any form of non-electronic stylus even the presenter's finger. This allows the user to use a finger or pen to annotate over the computer images. Annotated data can be saved in several file formats including .htm files for easy viewing with any web browser software. Combining Hitachi's cutting-edge presentation technology with this display system, delivers a compelling package for every conference room or video conference centers.
  • 16:9 HDTV quality monitor with split screen and picture-in-picture modes, supports two different inputs and is ideal for viewing videoconferences along with computer-base
  • The software enables presenters to easily annotate right over Windows applications, and digital video on the plasma display.
  • Inherent collaboration software enables the P-55X to easily communicate with other StarBoard systems and allows for simultaneous viewing and annotation by multiple systems connected either locally or across the Internet.
  • The new systems are available with an optional table top stand, wall mount bracket, rolling stand and black or silver side mounted speakers.
  • High efficiency Panel Technology, Dynamic False Contour Reduction, Dynamic Contrast
  • The 55" Plasma screen size incorporates 20% more picture area than 50" screens size.
  • Software to allow conferencing among up to 42 sites or persons
  • Rollers, line types, and highlighters in pre-set and variable colors and widths
  • Comprehensive stamp library
  • Character recognition software to run applications with freehand writing
  • Object recognition software that converts freehand geometric objects, such as circles and triangles, to smooth drafting quality geometric objects
  • Object management software to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, color, adjust line width, etc.
  • Thumbnail review capability to quickly scan through files of marked up presentations
  • Live video capture that can be stopped at any frame, enlarged and annotated
  • A spotlight tool which hones in on a specific area of the display
  • Continuous scrolling through the pages of the presentation
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Model Name:

Dimensions (Body):

47.6" x 28.5" x 3.7"

Active Area:

50" Diagonal - 43.5" x 24.5"

Weight (Body) w/digitizer:

94.8 lbs.

Operating System:


Display Resolution:

1,049,088 (1366 x768) - WXGA


545cd/m² panel brightness

Contrast Ratio:

3000:1 (with no lighting around)

Pixel Pitch (H xV):

0.81mm x 0.81mm

Viewing Angle:

Horizontal or Vertical: More than 160 degrees

Display Colors:

3,820 million colors

Color System:


Screen Aspect:

16:9 Wide

Screen Coating:

AR (anti-reflection) Coating

Operating Temperature:

32°F - 104°F (O°C - 40°C)

Operating Humidity:

20% - 80% on condensation


Electronic Pen / Touch Pen

Electronic Pen - Codeless(Radio Wave) / 3-buttons (pen tip x 1, side button x 2), 1.5V / Touch-pen (switching)

Pen Battery

AA Rechargeable Battery

Monitor Connections:

Composite Video Input

BNC Coaxial x 1.10 Vp-p (75ohms or high impedance)

Composite Video Output

BNC Coaxial x 1.10 Vp-p (75ohms or high impedance

S-Video Input

S terminal x 1, Y:1 Vp-p (75 ohms), C 0.286 Vp-p (ohms)

PC Input (RGB Component)

Mini D-Sub 15-pin xl (VGA, SVGA, XGA display & SXGA, UXGA compressed display) 15-110 kHz, fv 48-120 Hz

Audio Input (for PC)

M3 stereo plug

Audio Input (for component G,B)

RCA phone type connectors (L,R) (1 set)

Power Supply

AC 120V, 50/60 Hz

Digitizer PC connections

USB and Serial

Electronic Power Consumption

480 W, Save on 0.5 W, off 0.8W

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Hitachi StarBoard P-50X Interactive Plasma Display

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