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Hitachi FX-TRIO 77 inch Whiteboard

The Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX TRIO 77 is one of the few interactive whiteboards in the world that allows 3 people to write on the board at the same time. This will make your lessons and seminars more interactive. The Hitachi FX TRIO 77 has been built the on the accolade winning FX Duo platform. You can write with your fingers, the optional electric pen or the provided stylus on the board . The IntelliPen automatically converts the freehand objects to smooth objects. You can scroll by motioning with the flat of your hand, or expand the display by motioning with your fingers. The hard and durable surface is low glaze being easy on your eyes. Use of dry erase markers isn't recommended.

**Requires computer and projector to operate.

Hitachi FX-TRIO 77 inch Whiteboard
Hitachi FX-TRIO 77 inch Whiteboard
Hitachi Multimedia Projector FX-TRIO-77
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: 5 years warranty.


Educational Prices:
Buy FX-TRIO 77 Interactive Whiteboard
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$ 1,199

Bundle Offer : TRIOPak
Buy FX-TRIO 77 Whiteboard with CP-A222WN Projector + UST1WallArm + StarBoard Software
$ 3,595
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Supplies and accessories for this product
Product Description Price Order
FFLStand Mobile Stand for FX Series Boards

FXDUOWLKIT Hitachi wireless kit for FX-DUO Starboards $245

FXDUOPEN Electronic Pen w/ AAA Alkaline Battery

UST1WALLARM Hitachi UST1 wall arm mount suitable for Hitachi CPA222WN, CP-AW251N, CPAW252WN, CPA301N, and CPA302WN projectors



Simultaneous Inputs
The bigger size allows three people to write on the board's surface at one time. You can quiz more students at the same time or have more presentators in a meeting. There will be more interaction this way.

Hands Usage
You can use your hands to write on the board or scroll through the images. Your fingers can minimize or maximize images, and your flat hands can be used to scroll through.

The Freedom to Move and Inspire
Optimize your flexibility with any one of the interactive whiteboard's accessories, including the world's only "feathertouch" Adjustable Height Stand or wall-mounted Power and Data Track.
  • Helps boasts improved accuracy and durability
  • Comes with Electronic-free surface for durability
  • You can have an Optional electronic pen with 3 customizable buttons
  • Comes with Low-glare surface to minimize projector reflection
  • Comes with 2 Retractable styluses
  • 16 Function buttons with 14 customizable
  • Comes with an improved bracket design
  • You can place magnets on the surface of the board
  • StarBoard Software is included
  • Comes with a 5-Year Warranty
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Model No. FX-TRIO-77
Display Type Interactive Whiteboard
Digitizing Technology Infrared Image Sensor System
Interface to Computer USB 1.1, 2.0
Active Area Size 77 inches
Display Aspect Ratio 4:3
Coordinate Resolution Approx. 500 lpi
Tracking Speed Approx. 100 points/sec
Accuracy Approx. ±1.5 mm
Surface Material Particle wood (core), Cured resin (surface)
Dimensions 69.5"(W) x 55.4"(H) x 2.7"(D)
Operating Specification 41-95 °F (5-35 °C) 20-80% Humidity
Function Buttons 16
Power Consumption 5V, 500mA
Weight 61.7 lbs
Packing dimension 74.6"(W) x 61.2"(H) x 4.8"(D))
Certificates FCC, CE
Warranty 5 year warranty
Documents & Resources
Hitachi Multimedia Projector FX-TRIO-77
Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard Specifications
Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard User Manual
Hitachi Starboard Software Demo (opens in new window)
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