Hitachi Starboard FX-DUO interactive whiteboard 88" diagnoal is a multi-touch screen with a size designed to fit classes and boardrooms. This affordable interactive whiteboard comes with a new combination of ultrasound and infrared technologies
Manufactured by: Hitachi
Model: FX-DUO-88W
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StarBoard FX Series Interactive Whiteboards

FX Duo Board

The StarBoard FX Series is our most advanced and popular interactive whiteboard to date. These versatile, high-performance products feature large-format image areas, with durable, anti-glare steel-backed projection surfaces for electronic sensing-based writing. With the FX Series, we have introduced a sophisticated new combination of ultrasound and infrared technologies for stylus position sensing and cursor hovering. This not only eliminates the possibility of spurious or accidental "contact" signals during your presentations, but also ensures high-speed, accurate stylus tracking over the entire image area. FX Series whiteboards are available with serial or USB wireless computer interfaces.The complete StarBoard Software suite is included with every FX Series whiteboard.

Hitachi StarBoard FX-DUO Interactive Whiteboard 88 Diagonal
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: Five-year limited equipment warranty upon registration.

Discontinued & Replaced by

Hitachi FX-TRIO-88W

  Bundle Offer : Buy FX-DUO-88 Whiteboard with
CP-DW10N Projector


Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX DUO 88 is a multi touch Interactive Whiteboard that is perfect for small classrooms or boardrooms. It makes your lessons and seminars interactive. You can write on the board with your fingers, the electric pen or the provided stylus. You can scroll by motioning with the flat of your hand, or expand the display by motioning with your fingers. The hard and durable surface is low glaze being easy on your eyes. Use of dry erase markers isn't recommended.
Installation Services
Product Description Price Order
Services Electronic Whiteboard Installation $495

Supplies and accessories for this product:
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FXDUOWLKIT Hitachi wireless kit for FX-DUO Starboards $245

Don't just present - inspire.

Classroom Perfect

The FX Duo 88 having a display of 88 inches is perfect for small classrooms or small boardrooms. It will fit in perfectly in the space, and will be big enough for your participants to view the board.

Finger or Pen

The Hitachi FX Duo 88 can be operated with your fingers or a pen. The board is flexible, not needing any special writing tool. You can write with your hand, the stylus or the electronic pen.

Virtual Meeting

The supplied Starboard software is feature rich and can be connected to other Starboards at remote locations. This way you can easily set up a virtual meeting.
  • Uses a camera image sensor system with all electronics contained in a replaceable component at the top of the unit
  • Offers a 16:10 Aspect Ratio
  • Provides multi-touch interaction capabilities with a size designed to fit smaller classes and boardrooms
  • Robust surface means the whiteboard will work even if there are scratches and/or dents on the surface
  • Projector reflection is minimized by a special coating on the duoboard making it gentle on the eyes
  • Use the electronic pen, finger or object to operate the whiteboard
  • Simultaneous inputs allow the whiteboard to operate using both hangs (gestures). Scroll and Zoom-in/Zoom-out features are available
  • Field replaceable digitizer makes it unnecessary to send the whole unit for repair
  • No special pens required. An optional electronic pen includes three side buttons
  • Electronic free surface can work even if damaged
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Input Methods Infrared Image Sensor System
Interface to Computer USB 1.1, 2.0
Effective Screen Size 88 inches (74.3 in x 46.5 in)
Sampling Rate Approximately 100 points/sec
Resolution Approximately 0.002 in
Accuracy Approximately 0.06 in
Board Material Particle wood core, Cured resin surface
Operating Specification 5 - 35 Celsius, 20 - 80% Humidity w/o condensation
Dimensions (board)(in) 80.9 x 54.7 x 2.4
Weight (lbs) 72.8
Packing dimension (in) 85.2 x 62 x 4.3
Packing weight (lbs) Approx. 99.2
Certificates VCCI Class B, FCC Class B, CE, UL
Warranty 5-year limited equipment warranty upon registration. See hardware manual for details
Documents & Demos
Hitachi Multimedia Projector FX-DUO-88
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