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Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet

Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet is an easy to set up and use tablet that doesn’t need a computer to operate. You can connect it to compatible projectors, and start annotating live images without having to install any software.

You can use the Hitachi TB-1 tablet to access or change the functions of the projector, thereby eliminating the need to use the projector’s remote control. The TB-1 tablet is lightweight which makes it easy to hold. The fully charged battery of the Hitachi wireless tablet lasts for 16 hours.

Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet
Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet
Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: 3 years warranty


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Supplies and accessories
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  • CP-WX8240
  • CP-WX8255
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Operating Temperature 32 - 104º F
Reading Range 8.0" x 5.0"
Reading Resolution 0.0127 mm
Reading Accuracy 0.42 mm
Reading Speed 120rps
Pen Pressure Levels 1,024 levels
Wireless Band 2.4 GHz
Communication Range Approximately 50 feet, depending on conditions
Power Supply Lithium-ion battery
Continuous Operating Time Approximately 16 hours, depending on conditions
Auto Power Off Time 30 minutes
Time to Fully Charge 4 hours
Consumption Current Using USB, 5v 500mA
Using Lithium-ion battery, 3.7v 60mA
Dimensions 10.1"H x 12.4"W x 0.9"D
Weight 23.6 oz
Supplied Accessories Wireless adapter, lithium ion battery, charger cable, electronic pen and spare tips, tip replacement tool, 3-AAA batteries for use with the pen, user's manual
Warranty 1 year
Documents & Resources
Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet

Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet Brochure

Hitachi TB-1 Wireless Tablet User Manual

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