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Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard

The Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 is a wide screen Interactive Whiteboard featuring a 79-inch interactive screen taking the classroom communication level to next level by facilitating the user to have a grasp at the interactive screen world. The Hitachi FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard comes with multi-touch screen allowing two users to work on the board simultaneously; thus making group tasking possible. One can operate the screen by merely touching it with fingers. The Interactive Whiteboard also includes a stylus-pen to facilitate the user to operate the screen.

The multi-touch feature of Hitachi Starboard FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard enables the user to perform functions like zoom, scroll and navigate the page by simple finger gestures. The FX-79 E1 Whiteboard also provides the facility to attach magnets to the screen as an additional feature. To increase the level-of-ease for the customer, Hitachi has provided 15 function buttons at each side of the screen. Comfortable group work is possible with Whiteboard because of its large 79-inch wide screen area. The Hitachi StarBoard provides software support for major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Hand writing recognition feature of the Hitachi FX-79 StarBoard can read the regular hand-writing of the user and convert it into software fonts. With direct Internet access feature, users can make use of images from Google in their live work feeds. The StarBoard FX-79 E1 provides the use of a variety of digital inks that brings versatility to writing world for the end-user.

The Hitachi StarBoard FX-79 Interactive Whiteboard also includes a Remote conferencing feature over the Internet allowing the user to share the screen with the remote end user. The StarBoard software has also the capability of importing Microsoft Office files and it also supports IWB Common File Format (CFF) that facilitates sharing of educational content over the web.

Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard
Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard
Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard
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  • Multi-Touch 79 inches wide screen.
  • "Dual-Pen" feature allowing 2 users to work at the same time
  • Hand writing recognition.
  • Use a finger or Stylus-Pen or any object to operate the Whiteboard.
  • Lightweight structure with a steel surface.
  • Support of different OS: Windows, mac, Linux.
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Model No. AH00329
Digitizing Technology Infrared Ray Shading Detection System
Interface to Computer USB 1.1, USB 2.0
Active Area Size 79 inches
Display Aspect Ratio 4:3
Surface Material High density polyester (core),
Dimensions 72.9"(W) x 50.4"(H) x 1.4"(D)
Operating Specification 41-95 °F (5-35 °C) 20-80% Humidity
Function Buttons 16
Weight Approx. 48.5 lbs.
 Packing Dimensions 77.8"(W) x 55.3"(H) x 3.5"(D)
Dimensions (mm) 2,054(W) x 1,390(H) x 62(D)
(not including the pen holder)
Packing Weight Approx. 72.8 lbs.
Packing dimension(main unit) (mm) 2,165 (W) x 1,575 (H) x 110 (D)
Certificates FCC Class B, CE, VCCI Class A
PC Requirements
CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz or higher (Core 2 Duo or more for Conference feature)
RAM 1 GB of free space
HDD 600 MB of free space
Display Color Depth 32 bits
Software Required I.E. 7/8/9 for internet search function, Microsoft Office 2002 or higher for viewing MS Office files, Adobe Reader 8/9/X for PDF browsing
OS Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32/64bit) with latest service pack, Tablet PC Edition, 64-bit Edition (XP and Vista) and Server Edition are not supported
Other Video card with hardware overlay for video function, DV capture devices that support DirectShow with WDM drivers (required for webcam playback and capturing)
Mac Requirements
CPU Intel® processor (Core 2 Duo or more for Conference feature)
RAM 1 GB or more is recommended
HDD 600 MB of free space
Software Required PowerPoint 2004 or higher for viewing PowerPoint files, Apple Quicktime 7.1 or later for movie feature)
OS Macintosh OSX 10.5, 10.6, 10.7.2 with latest service pack applied
Other SBS supports the viewing of PDF files (convert other files to PDF to view them using "Print to PDF" function)
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