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ELMO TT-02RX Document Camera


ELMO introduces the TT-02RX Teacher’s Tool, a presentation solution that enables you to bring the same exciting visual technology into your classroom presentations for the benefit of your students. Research shows that stimulating visual displays are easily grasped, retained and absorbed by students. Whether a scientifically based instructional program or math lesson, the TT-02RX will gain the attention you need to achieve positive results.

Discover the Elmo's Unparalleled Performance

Simple and sleek, the TT-02RX is the most advanced affordable document camera available today

Turn any presentation into an exciting event. Our state-of-the-art features bring images into vivid detail. Whether you need to capture live images at 20 frames per second or zoom in on still images with fine detail, ELMO has a presenter that will leave a lasting impression.

Scientifically proven in numerous educational white papers, improved student participation and retention are the keys to better scores on testing and NCLB reports. The lightweight and easily transportable ELMO TT-02RX is offered at a budget-sensitive cost to fit any District’s budget and is a great way to help start improving your students’ test scores.

ELMO TT-02RX Document Camera
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: Five-year manufacturer warranty

Discontinued & Replaced by

ELMO TT-12 Interactive Document Camera

  Bundle Offer : Buy TT-02RX with
CRP-221 Projector


  Bundle Offer : Buy TT-02RX with
CRP-261 Projector


Supplies and accessories for this product:
Product Description Price Order
CRA-1 Elmo Wireless Tablet $359

  • 30 Frames per second
  • XGA, SXGA, WXGA resolution
  • 1.3 MP COMOS Sensor
  • 5.2x Optical Zoom, 8x Digital Zoom - 41.6 total zoom
  • Remote Control
  • Image mate software
  • Audio and video recording
  • Easy to use with microscope
  • Intuitive on board menu
  • LED Lamp
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    Experience the "full-motion video".

    Standard NTSC TV systems run at 30 fps (frames per seconds). When the frame rate is above 25 fps, the human eye will recognize it as "full-motion Video". The TT02RX can capture image up to 30 fps: this will enable moving objects to appear smooth and natural.

    Interactive Control.
    Wireless Tablet: Connect the TT02RX to a 2.4 GHz radio frequency wireless tablet that connects with the computer's dongle. This signal is powerful enough to give you control from 50 feet away!

    Interactive Power: The tablet gives you interactive power in your hands. You can annotate the images, control functions and record documents.

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Demo Video

Camera Specification
Lens f = 3.85mm - 20.02mm (5.2x zoom) F2.8 - 3.2
Frame rate Max. 30 frames /sec.
Shooting area SXGA: Max. 417x331mm Min. 92x74mm
WXGA : Max. 417x246mm Min.92x56mm
XGA: Max. 417x309mm Min. 92x69mm
Limit of focus 50mm - 8 (2.0in x) form lens top
Optical zoom 5.2X
Digital zoom 8X
Focus Auto / Manual
image pick-up element 1/3" CMOS
Total pixels Horizontal 1384, Vertical 1076 . Aprox. 1,490,000 pixels
Effective Pixels Horizontal 1329, Vertical 1049
Synchronized signal Internal
Analog RGB Output

Analog RGB output 0.7V (p-p) 75O unbalanced Synchronized signal SXGA: Positive polarity WXGA: Horizontal negative polarity, Vertical positive polarity XGA: Negative polarity SXGA: 1280x1024

  • @60Hz Horizontal frequency:63.981kHz Vertical frequency: 60.020Hz WXGA: 1280x800
  • @60Hz Horizontal frequency: 49.306kHz Vertical frequency: 59.910Hz XGA: 1024x768
  • @60Hz Horizontal frequency: 48.363kHz Vertical frequency: 60.004Hz
White balance Full auto/One-push/Manual
Image rotation Provided (0/ 180)
Mode Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, Graphic 1, Graphic 2
Pause Provided
Slide show Provided (SD image data)
Illumination lamp White LED
General Specifications
Power Source 12VDC (AC adaptor 100-240V)
Power Consumption 15W (AC adaptor included)
Outside Dimensions W350xD370.5xH411.5mm (W13.8xD14.6xH16.2in) (when Setup)
Weight Approx. 2.9kg (6.4lbs) (Main body only)
Input selection Main / External
Output terminal

RGB output Min Dsub 15p connector, female x1
Composite video output RCA pin* jack/75O unbalanced x1 (NTSC/PAL)

Input terminal Input terminal RGB input Mini Dsub 15P connector female x1
Recorder terminal Dedicated connector
Ext. control terminal USB (2.0 compliant) Type B receptacle x1
Memory interface SD card slot x1
Technical Support Clary Business Machines offers installations and support solutions,
for more details call us (800) 992-5279 or email us sales@claryco.com
  • Terms and Conditions may apply
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