Electronic Whiteboard Brands


Electronic Whiteboard Brands
Panasonic - Ideas for life

Getting the job done - faster, better and more efficiently. That's the idea behind every professional product from Panasonic. For the ever-changing business environment, Interactive Panaboards offer a cost effective and real-time global teleconference solution. Increase efficiency and reduce meeting time by providing clear notes to all meeting attendees. Panasonic offers:

  • Front projection interactive whiteboard
  • Black & white copyboard (thermal paper)
  • Black & white copyboard (plain paper)
  • Multimedia projector
Simple. Effective. Extraordinary.
The Way Communication Should Be.

PolyVision is the leader in innovation for interactive presentation products and collaboration tools, from traditional whiteboards and chalkboards, to interactive whiteboards and presentation tools for the education, corporate, government and military markets.

Polyvision offers:

  • Interactive plasma displays
  • Multimedia interactive whiteboards (laser tracking)
  • Front projection interactive whiteboards (touch sensitive)
  • Interactive panels
  • Color Copyboards
  • Room schedulers
  • Whiteboards cabinets
The Spirit of Innovation.

3M Digital WallDisplay! The Digital WallDisplay by 3M is a flat hang-on-the-wall display system that incorporates:

  • An XGA projector
  • Stereo sound system
  • A dry erase board that can optionally be used as interactive whiteboard or copyboard

3M Multimedia Projectors! A full line of projectors that incorporate such features as:

  • HDTV ready
  • Horizontal and vertical digital keystones
  • Wide range of video and computer connections
Hitachi - Inspire the next

Hitachi Software's StarBoard line of interactive meeting solutions offers users a selection of powerful tools for meetings, training, and conferencing for business and education.

  • StarBoard P-Series Interactive Plasma Displays - Showpiece design and spectacular image quality; equally in boardrooms, client meeting facilities, and on-air broadcasting.
  • StarBoard F Series - Versatile, high-performance front projection interactive whiteboards in two (60 and 75 inches diagonal) large format image areas.
  • StarBoard Interactive Displays - Control, edit and annotate any computer software directly from the 15" or 17" SXGA interactive panel. Fast, responsive, precision tracking with superb color and contrast.
  • StarBoard Freedom Tablet - Ultimate mobility. This completely wireless device lets you control and annotate your presentations while moving freely around the room. Works seamlessly with all StarBoard presentation systems.
  • Multimedia Projectors
Professional Presentation Tools.
Revolutionary PLUS ® Whiteboard integrates computers, Internet, written and spoken word presentations into one real-time communications tool! PLUS offers:
  • Color copyboards
  • Black & white copyboards
  • Multimedia projectors
Team board
Simple, Effective Communication
TeamBoard offers the latest in features and technology, deployed at a level that ensures user satisfaction. TeamBoard offers:
  • Front projection interactive whiteboards (touch sensitive)
  • Whiteboard cabinets
Quartet IdeaShare
Quartet IdeaShare helps you communicate more effectively while saving you time and money. Whether you're a marketing executive brainstorming a new idea, an IT professional sharing an Internet strategy, or a teacher helping students prepare for exams, IdeaShare makes communications simple and seamless. Using the most advanced communication tools available shows your colleagues and clients that you're one step ahead. That you know how precious time is. And how indispensable good communication is to your organization. Quartet IdeaShare offers these products:
  • Front projection interactive whiteboards
  • Portable interactive whiteboards
The Interactive Whiteboard People ®
The interactive whiteboards by Numonics are "helping to unite people with their creative ideas." Numonics offers a wide family of collaboration tools for use in the education, training presentation and conferencing markets.  From small interactive tablets to large whiteboard screens to plasma overlays, Numonics' interactive whiteboards help to save time, increase interactivity and improve communication. Numonics offers:
  • Front projection interactive whiteboards (electromagnetic)
  • Interactive plasma displays
  • Interactive panel
  • Bluetooth table