Electronic Copyboards


Electronic copyboards look just like regular whiteboards but have the ability to print out what is drawn after the presentation. The copyboard prints onto A4 paper that can be handed out to people attending your presentation. The built-in printer sits just under the copyboard as shown in the picture. Most copyboards can optionally be connected to computers. The whiteboard images can be downloaded to the computer and printed, saved, changed, faxed and emailed. Like fax machines, copyboards come with thermal printers or paper printers. Thermal printers print onto thermal fax paper. Paper printers print onto plain paper using ink cartridges that have to be replaced when they run out. Plain paper is obviously a nicer printout, but you can always photocopy the thermal printout for handouts.

Electronic copyboards can be categorized into:
• black & white copyboards and
• color copyboards.

Black & white copyboards can be further classified into:
• thermal paper whiteboards and
• plain paper whiteboards.

Black & White Copyboards Electronic Copyboards

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