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eBeam Video Tutorials
These Video Tutorials Require Macromedia Flash Player
Lesson Time
General Ebeam Overview 4:00
Lesson Time
Calibrate your whiteboard with eBeam System 1 0:40
Calibrate your whiteboard with eBeam System 3 0:40
Calibrate and use the shortcut strip 1:00
How to add pages 0:40
How to delete pages 1:00
How to edit notes 1:35
Print notes and use print settings 1:15
Send notes as email attachment 1:20
Use stroke-by-stroke playback 1:30
Cut and paste notes into other applications 1:15
Save a file in different file formats 1:00
Change the color and line thickness of your pen sleeves 1:20
Change general settings in "setup" 1:30
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Lesson Time
Change between capture and projection modes 2:00
Use the projection toolbar 3:30
Import background images and annotate them 1:40
Lesson Time
Connect via Windows PC 3:20
Connect via Mac OSX 4:00
Connect via PocketPC 3:20
Connect via PalmOS 1:40
Use the eBeam Bluetooth Configuration Tool 1:50
Lesson Time
Share a meeting on the network or Internet 3:00
Join a meeting using a java-enabled browser 2:20
Join a meeting using the eBeam software 1:00
Use Web Tours 1:50
Add Server locations 1:30
Special Features
Lesson Time
Check for Software Updates 0:50
Check for Firmware Updates 0:40
Environment testing for Tech Support 0:40
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