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eBeam LiveWire

eBeam LiveWire enable your computer to instantly run eBeam Projection or eBeam Capture

eBeam LiveWire turns any PC into an eBeam-ready computer quickly just like the eBeam devices turn any regular whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. By connecting your eBeam receiver to any PC via LiveWire and run eBeam software directly from the cable–no downloading or installing necessary.

Whether you want to capture dry-erase marker notes with eBeam Capture or use the powerful interactive tools of eBeam Interact, eBeam LiveWire eliminates the need for software CDs or time-consuming downloads. All the software you need is already on the cable, so you can run it on-the-fly or install it to your computer. There’s even storage space to keep your presentations for the big meeting or save notes from an impromptu brainstorming session. As soon as someone plugs eBeam LiveWire into their PC, they are ready to go!

eBeam LiveWire
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Warranty: Two year limited warranty

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46000799 EBeam Live wire $89

  • Friendly, easy to navigate, and provides you with all the tools you'll need to start using eBeam Capture or eBeam Interact
  • Mobile and accessible - eBeam LiveWire doesn't require priviliged user/access accounts to operate.
  • eBeam LiveWire's "Plug and Play" allows you to intstantly run the software you need without having to install a single program
  • Future-proof and upgrade-ready
  • One-year limited warranty
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Demo Video
Unit Weight 30g
Dimension 65mm x 27mm x 15mm Materials Polycarbonate
Cable Length 80mm
Boxed Weight 100g
Output signal USB 2.0
Operating Voltage /amperage 5 VDC/98mA
Warranty 1 yearLiveWire
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