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eBeam InfoWall Interactive Solution

eBeam InfoWall is a complete interactive solution that delivers a super sized interactive session. It saves you time and money as you get the interactive whiteboard, the projector and the software together without having to buy each item separately. The interactive solution includes 2 eBeam interactive receivers and a choice of either 2 or 3 projectors. The eBeam interactive receiver turns an ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. The projectors are blended and wrapped into the interactive whiteboard through ScalableDesktop 2.0.
With the eBeam InfoWall, you get incredible features that no other interactive solution offers. The eBeam InfoWall interactive solution can be set up in a large mega-pixel screen; giving you the option to annotate multiple projected images. The projected diagrams, images and other files can be annotated on the big screen, while the notes, ideas and marks can be saved. The eBeam InfoWall's big screen size enables you to accomplish many tasks quickly.

eBeam InfoWall Interactive Solution
Condition: New
  2 eBeam interactive receivers and 2 or 3 projectors
Availability: In stock
Warranty: Two year limited warranty
eBeam InfoWall 2 Solution

eBeam InfoWall 3 Solution

Supplies and accessories for this product:
Product Description Price Order
10971 Ingest Card $2099
10972 InfoWall Kit $4999

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eBeam features:
  • A perfect combination of interactive whiteboard and a digital copy board.
  • Free and secure internet/intranet sharing, voice recording and software update.
  • Ultra portable and easy to setup.
  • Portable design protects it from damage or theft.
  • Works with your existing whiteboard and projector.
  • Software launches when the marker sleeves or stylus touches the board.
  • Marker sleeves use regular dry erase markers.
  • Bluetooth Wireless or USB connectivity.
  • Supports Both Windows and Mac.
  • Two year limited warranty.
ScalableDesktop 2.0 Features:
  • Automatic Edge-Blending - Rapid camera based calibrations for pixel perfect blends, setup and completed in minutes.
  • New User Interface - Brand new look & feel helping to streamline the calibration process, even more user friendly.
  • "One Touch" Re-Calibration - Enhanced automation built in for users to re-run a calibration in the blink of an eye.
  • Requirements Validator - Ensures your system meets the minimum requirements for creating a great display.
  • Enhanced Screen Fitting Options - New methods for calibrating curved screens expediting the setup process.
  • Capture Additional Inputs - Using a Datapath Vision RGB-E2 a user can feed two HD inputs.
  • Marker sleeves use regular dry erase markers.
  • Bluetooth Wireless or USB connectivity.
  • Supports Both Windows and Mac.
  • Two year limited warranty.
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  • Automatic Edge-Blending Experience the interactive session in a super-sized high resolution workspace. The computer display is automatically blended on the edge.
  • Navigate and Manipulate Data Use the big space to you advantage. Carry out a number of activities like brainstorm, share and collaborate ideas, play multimedia, and quickly label data.
  • Create, Capture and Deliver Physical and Digital Content Write, edit, distribute and archive the content written on the board. Open the content on the big screen for assessment and review
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How it Works
Demo Video
eBeam Edge specifications
Projection Active Area: 100" diagonal
Whiteboard Active Area: up to 8'w x 4'h
Cable: 16' USB cable, with eBeam connector
Windows Requirements
Windows compatible PC with Pentium II 400 MHz+ processor and 256 MB RAM
Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, or Vista
30 MB available hard drive space
Available USB port
Screen recorder requirements: At least a Pentium IV processor 1.4Ghz, with 512MB RAM
Mac Requirements:
Macintosh Power PC/ Intel 400MHz+
Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.5
10 MB available hard drive space
Available USB port
Position Accuracy:
+/- 1.5mm
Radio range: up to 33 ft.
ScalableDesktop 2.0 specifications:
Single Windows 7 PC w/ certified CPU & GPU (Contact authorized SDT reseller for requirements)
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, C910, or Canon Rebel SLR camera (XTi, XSi, T1i, or T2i)
Six projector maximum.
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Documents & Demos

Scalable Desktop 2.0 Brochure

eBeam Casestudy at Gothenburg School District
eBeam Casestudy at VNE Aerospace
eBeam Casestudy at Lemon Films
eBeam Casestudy at Karolinska

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