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eBeam is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that converts any dry-wipe board or indeed any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. It has all the functionality of a traditional fixed size interactive whiteboard, in any size up to 8' x 4' (240x120cm) for less than half the price of an equivalent sized board. eBeam enables complete control of your desktop from the board or flat surface. Annotate over any open application, import, save and manipulate your annotations and captured objects in the scrapbook. Create dynamic content for your lessons promoting whole class teaching and increased interaction with the students. Control and Annotate over your PowerPoint presentations saving your mark up into the original file – it couldn’t be easier. Connect to the internet and broadcast your lessons to remote learners or simply publish your work to a server for archiving and later use. eBeam presents a whole new set of options for a teacher. eBeam – because presentation matters.

ebeam Interactive Whiteboards
eBeam Engage Whiteboard

eBeam Engage Whiteboard

Includes: 1 Engage System, 1 installation template, 1 security key,
1 interactive stylus, 1 package of spare stylus tips, 2 mounting
brackets with spare adhesive, 1 RF keyboard with sleeve & USB
charging cable, 1 keyboard mounting plate for non magnetic
List Price: $1,299
Our Price: $1,169
You Save: 10%

eBeam Edge Projection 46000870

eBeam Edge Projection 46000870

Includes: 1 eBeam Edge Receiver, 1 eBeam Stylus, 2 mounting
plates, 15ft USB cable, 1 battery (AAA), eBeam Interact 2.2.1
PC/1.3 Mac
List Price: $699
Our Price: $649
You Save: 7%
Available Option:
eBeam edge with Bluetooth
Our Price: $949

eBeam Edge Complete

eBeam Edge Complete

Includes: 1 eBeam Edge Receiver, 4 dry erase markers,
1 electronic eraser, 1 interactive stylus, 1 shortcut strip,
10 CR2032 batteries, 1 AA battery, 1 CD with eBeam Capture
Software, 1 CD with eBeam Interact software, One 16 feet (5m)
USB cable, Power adapter (BT version), USB Bluetooth adapter
w/software (BT version)
List Price: $899
Our Price: $849
You Save: 6%
Available Option:
eBeam edge with Bluetooth
Our Price: $949
ebeam Bluetooth / USB Tablets
eBeam Inscribe 200e Wireless Tablet

eBeam Inscribe 200e Wireless Tablet

  • Full integration with eBeam Scrapbook software (Windows)
  • Allows for synchronous input by two users one on tablet,
    one on IWB
  • Mobile nature promotes interaction between presenters
    and audience, teachers and students
  • Long-range RF allows ease of mobility in large assembly
    spaces during group presentations
  • Shortcut keys with the most frequently used Scrapbook tools
Product Discontinued

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