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3M wall display - your single solution to effective presentations 3M wall display - your single solution to effective presentations
The 3M Wall Display integrates multimedia projection, a digital whiteboard and multi-site meeting capabilities into one interactive projector workboard. It lets you instantly and interactively communicate critical information to those who need it, where they need it, when they need it most.
Vikuiti XRVS 120 Rear Projection Display Screen
" Sharpening the World's View!".

VikuitiT . . . now 3M's innovative line of optical technologies has a name. VikuitiT is a bright new brand, beaming the digital world into the next dimension of luminosity. VikuitiT brand products signify superior display performance. Harnessing the power of light, VikuitiT Display Enhancement Films improve the clarity, intelligibility and impact of electronic displays. VikuitiT brand products enhance the optical performance of electronic displays so that light is managed from when it enters the LCD module until it exits toward the viewer. Vikuiti™ XRVS-120 eXtended Resolution Video Screens are rapidly changing the perception of projection screen viewing. The Vikuiti XRVS-120 screen is an advanced rear projection screen that combines the focusing power of an optical lens with a black, light absorbing layer to produce brilliant, high-contrast images—even in brightly-lit environments.

Vikuiti XRVS 120 Rear Projection Display Screen
Product options and prices:
Product Number Diagonal (inches) Width x Height (inches) Aspect Ratio List Price Sale Price Order
98-0440-1294-0 60 49 x 37 3 x 4 $1,650 $1,599

98-0440-1293-2 67 55 x 41.75 3 x 4 $2,050 $1,999

98-0440-1292-4 80 64 x 48 3 x 4 $3,425 $3,199

98-0440-1291-6 60 53.5 x 30.5 9 x 16 $1,490 $1,399

98-0440-1290-8 67 59.5 x 34 9 x 16 $1,850 $1,699

98-0440-1289-0 80 70.75 x 40.25 9 x 16 $3,150 $2,999

98-0440-1288-2 95 84 x 48 9 x 16 $4,475 $4,199

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Supplies and accessories for this product:
Product Description Price Order
98-0440-4312-7 Hanging bar installation kit for screens larger than 60" diagonal $895

98-0440-4313-5 Hanging bar installation kit for screens smaller than 60" diagonal $895


"A showstopper. Anyway you look at it."

The Vikuiti™ XRVS 120 Rear Projection Display Screen gives your customers an eye-popping display that’s more cost effective than flat panel monitors and plasma screens of similar size. Say “wow!” in any venue.

High resolution and extreme contrast create brighter images than conventional front or rear projection screens. Applications include:

  • Restaurant — Project a TV image, in-house entertainment, featured menu
  • Retail — Announce up-coming sales, in-store events
  • Conference room — Display agendas, spreadsheets,
    and presentations
  • Trade show — Table top demonstrations, full booth
  • Control room — Highlight details including maps,
  • Airport — Arrival and departure information

The screen's glass beads smoothly spread the image over the full surface. That means no hot spots, so you see a sharp image at all angles, under almost any lighting condition. The non-glare and low reflective surface give you added assurance of a clear and bright display.

  • Hang it anywhere
    At less than 1/4-inch thick, the Vikuiti™ XRVS screen is lightweight for easy and compact installation. Cut it to any shape you want — oval, circle, rectangle, square, even heart-shaped — to match your décor and application. It's durable enough to resist scratches and impacts.
  • A unique display from unique technology
    The Vikuiti™ XRVS rear projection screen combines the focusing power of an optical lens with a black, light-absorbing layer to product high contrast images, even in brightly-lit environments.
  • Image does not wash out in ambient light
    Millions of microscopic glass spheres focus the projected light so it exits at just one small point.
    The black layer then absorbs the ambient light, producing a high contrast image.
  • Used in places not dreamed possible
    With high-contrast Vikuiti XRVS-120 screens, the projection screen application possibilities abound. Thanks to Vikuiti brand technology, high light locations that were impractical for rear projection screens in the past are now possible.
  • No matter what the viewing angle, images remain sharp
    The true test of any rear projection screen is how well projected images look in high light environments or when viewed from a poor angle or up close. Even in challenging situations like these, Vikuiti XRVS-120 screens provide an exceptional visual experience. Brightness is consistent across the screen with no "hot spots" or dark corners.
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Screen Properties  
On Axis Gain : ~ 1.10
Nominal Viewing Angle (V/H) : ~ 35º/35º
Diffuse Transmission : ~ 50%
Diffuse Reflectance : ~ 3.75%
Specular Reflectance : ~ 0.50%
Resolution @ 0.450 mm pixel pitch : ~ 0.92
Color Shift (D65 Standard) : [Du´] ~ 0.007
[Dv´] ~ 0.003
Nominal Thickness : 0.118 inch (3.00 mm)
Environmental Tests  
Temperature Cycling : -40ºC/66ºC 150 Hours
High Temp./Humidity : 66ºC at 92% RH 150 Hours
High Temperature : 66ºC 150 Hours
Low Temperature : -40ºC 150 Hours
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